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Where do you deliver?

At present we deliver to localities around
  • Central Business District (MG Road, Brigade Road, Residency Road, Richmond Road, Lavelle Road, UB City, Shantinagar, Richmond Town, Ulsoor, etc);
  • Near Cantonment and Bangalore East Railway Stations (Vasanth Nagar, Palace Road, Guttahalli, Nandidurga Road, Benson Town, Cooke Town, Frazer Town, Cox Town, Richard’s Park, D'Costa Layout, MEG Colony, Austin Town, Lingarajpuram);
  • Banaswadi Road Area (Kalyan Nagar, Kammanahalli, HBR Layout, HRBR Layout etc);
  • Indiranagar and Domlur;
  • Koramangala;
  • Bellandur;
  • Sadashivnagar, RMV Extension and Malleswaram; and
  • Parts of Hebbal/Kempapura.
If you do not fall within the above areas, or are not sure, PLEASE DO FILL IN OUR SIGNUP FORM ANYWAY. We will contact you.

Do I need to subscribe to receive farm produce?

Yes, in order to start receiving farm produce from Spudnik, you need to subscribe by filling up a form (click here) and paying the subscription fee. After you fill up the form, we will send you payment details for paying the subscription fee.

What size and type of farm box should I subscribe to?

The “What’s in a Box” section, provides information on the types of vegetables included in each box, along with the approximate portion size.  Choose the farm box that suits your requirements the most.  Please call us or drop us a line if you require further customization of your farm box.

When will my farm box arrive?

Deliveries are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. Subject to availability, you can choose your delivery day.  You will receive a reminder the day before your farm box is to be delivered.

Can I choose what comes in my farm box?

Yes!  The subscription form contains a list of all vegetables grown by us.  Choose what goes into your farm box by simply selecting the vegetables you love and those you hate. We can also custom grow vegetables that you really like or have always wanted to try but can’t find in the market (subject to weather, soil and availability of seeds).

You can update the form at any time to accommodate future changes. Please call us or drop us a line if you update the form or want any further customization.

How often can I change the vegetables in my farm box?

One of the reasons for making you fill up a form is to help us plan and organize production with our partner-farmers.  This helps us minimize wastage and increase productivity.  Too many and/ or too frequent changes in your farm box would be counter-productive.  Hence, we would request you to makes changes to your farm box only if you dislike or are allergic to a particular vegetable.  From our side, we will try to ensure that you receive an interesting mix of vegetables every week.

Is all your produce organic?

Yes.  All our produce is grown using only organic and sustainable farming practices, though our produce is not certified organic by a third-party agency. We encourage our partner-farmers to follow a “low input-high output” method of agriculture, which results in adoption of natural farming practices based on principles of permaculture and using locally available resources. We also have a stringent monitoring and testing process to ensure that no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are used in growing our produce.

How can I be sure that Spudnik produce is organic?

Spudnik Farms operates on the principle that personally knowing your farmer inspires a higher degree of trust as compared to a faceless certifying body.  This is also one of the reasons for encouraging you to visit Spudnik Farms.  Apart from this, our stringent monitoring and testing processes ensure that you can trust your produce to be free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Why should I buy from Spudnik Farms instead of shopping at a grocery store?

  • By subscribing to Spudnik’s box of fresh farm produce, you choose the type of produce you want to eat.  You can also buy other farm produce like honey, eggs and artisanal products like soaps, jams and sauces etc made by trusted sources.
  • You receive fresh organic vegetables conveniently at your doorstep.
  • Local and direct procurement means a shorter supply chain, which in turn, means you get fresher food and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • The flavour of produce is at the core of what we do at Spudnik Farms – This means, we prefer to grow naati / desi varieties which are more flavourful. Many hybrids available today are developed from the point of view of producers (increased yield) or traders (better shelf life), but not from the point of view of the person who ultimately consumes these vegetables.
  • Subscription allows planning.  This means that the vegetables you eat are harvested at the peak of maturity – giving you vegetables with maximum flavour and minimum wastage of produce.
  • Spudnik allows traceability – You know where your food comes from and the farmer who grows it.
  • By subscribing to a Spudnik farm, you support and encourage local economies and farmers.

How does the Spudnik Network benefit the farmers?

Spudnik attempts to guarantee partner-farmers a secure livelihood by helping them plan better, grow better, and sell better. 

Upfront subscription eases cash flow requirements, freeing farmers from reliance on external loans. Partner-farmers are liberated from external market pressures and price fluctuations since the subscription is based on the actual cost of growing produce. Additionally, the network provides a ready market for all the produce grown by the farmer. This also helps reduce wastage since production is based on real demand. Sustainable farming practices make partner-farmers more self-reliant and environmentally friendly, encourage soil health and increase long-term productivity.

What if I do not like or am allergic to certain items in my farm box?

You can choose to exclude items from your box by adding them to the list of “Vegetables You hate” in the subscription form.  We will ensure that these are not delivered to you.  You can update the form at any time to accommodate future changes.  Please also call us or drop us a line if you update the form.

What if I receive a vegetable I am unfamiliar with?

Please check our “Blog” section to look for recipes.  Or just call or email us, and we’ll share some recipes with you.

What if I need to skip a delivery or leave for vacation?

We offer the flexibility to pause your delivery till you are ready to receive it again. The service will resume from the date you return.  Alternatively, please donate your box to a friend, co-worker, family member, or neighbour (within our delivery area) who can enjoy the produce for themselves while you are away.

What should I do if I am unsatisfied with my service?

Spudnik tries to provide you with the best possible produce and service.  Please write to us or call us if you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason, and we will sort the issue out.

What should I do if I am moving?

Please contact us if there are any changes to your delivery address.

How do I cancel my service?

We hate to lose a customer, but please contact us if you wish to cancel your subscription.

How do I arrange a farm visit?

We love to have people over.  Please contact us if you wish to visit a Spudnik farm.

Are there accommodation facilities available on the farm?

Not at the moment, so it will have to be a day trip from Bangalore. However, we will keep you updated.
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