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Spudnik is a network of Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms that connects consumers directly with pesticide-free, organic fruits and vegetables. We believe in following sustainable farming practices which make partner-farmers more self-reliant, encourage soil health and increase long-term productivity.

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

CSA is a partnership between farmers and consumers through which consumers pay an upfront subscription to a farm, translating to a share in the produce of the farm, provided on a regular basis. Fundamental to CSA is the notion of shared risk – farming is an unconscionably risky business, and CSA is a method whereby consumers take on some of that risk from farmers. Upfront subscription eases cashflow requirements, while providing a guaranteed market and price for produce grown by the farmer. For subscribers, CSA provides fresh, local and seasonal produce, a greater connection to the land and the source of their produce, and an opportunity to participate in a community with positive values.

Spudnik's Core Principles

  • Farm to Fork Traceability - Complete transparency in tracing produce back to the farm
  • Farm to Fork Consistency - Supplying high quality produce with consistency & integrity
  • Farm & Folk Relatability - Using the farm as a platform to build connections and trust between consumers and farmers
  • Farm to Farm Guarantee - Organic quality assurance through Participatory Guarantee System
  • Farm to Farm prosperity - Reduced input costs, lower wastage and better earnings across the network
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