Spudnik Farms

Community-Supported Agriculture

Welcome to Spudnik

What is Spudnik

Spudnik is a community of local farmers growing and supplying organic heirloom vegetables directly to consumers. It aims to bridge the gap between consumers and the source of their food, while securing livelihood for small and marginal farmers

Our Commitment

Trust and Convenience

Trust and Convenience

Each customer has a personal connection to their Spudnik farmer, which enables confidence in the quality and freshness of the produce supplied, as well as an assurance that no pesticides or other harmful chemicals are used in growing our produce. Spudnik provides customers convenience and flexibility by providing doorstep delivery on a subscription model.

How does Spudnik work?

Step 1

Select your location

Step 2

Sign up and select your box

Step 3

Customise your box

Step 4

Subscribe by paying fee

Step 5

Enjoy your veggies!

Step 6

Visit the farm

What’s in a box?

Spudnik’s Box of Greens
  • 3 bundles of Cooking Greens
  • 3 bundles of Salad Greens; and
  • 3 packets of Herbs

​Spudnik's Seasonal Veggie Box
  • 5 Seasonal Vegetables
  • 5 Staple Vegetables 
  • 2 bundles of Cooking Greens
  • 2 bundles of Salad Greens; and
  • 2 packets of Herbs